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BoxDrop Burnsville, MN provides our customers with a large quantity of Mattress Types for you to choose from to find the perfect fit! Understanding which mattress type that is best for you may be difficult, so we have provided some of our top mattress types and the benefits of each one! Learn more about the Types of Mattress supplied by BoxDrop below and or call to schedule a personalized showroom appointment!  

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Innerspring & Economy Mattresses

   The most Common Mattress Type  

   Uses a metal wire system combined with springs

   Different topper types- pillow-top, plush, medium or luxury 

   Results in a sturdier and firmer bed with more cushion on top

   Fairly cheap in comparison to others

Pillow Top Mattresses

   Great Blend of Innerspring Coil Firmness with Memory Foam Softness

   May not last as long as full spring (depending on the level of pillow top)

   Great for supporting pain or injury with pressure point relief

   Varying Levels of pillow top support and comfort 

Foam & Memory Foam Mattresses

   Increased comfort and reduction in pressure on spine

   Long-term use shown to reduce chronic back and neck pain

   Fairly heavy in weight and has less air-flow (contains heat) 

   Softness/Hardness varies slightly in Climate

   Can last a long time if well-maintained

Hybrid Mattresses

   Great Blend of Coil Firmness with Foam Softness

   Better Spinal alignment and pressure point relief

   Takes advantage of airflow keeping the mattress cooler

   Great for back and side sleepers 

   May not last as long as full spring

Adjustable Beds & Mattresses

   Adjustable Settings for Optimal Sleeping Positions

   Variability between bed sides for partner use 

   Additional features (like heating and cooling) 

   They tend to be more expensive than regular mattresses

   Improved Independence for older-aged users

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See what our customers have to say about BoxDrop Burnsville, MN! 

Shelley Hanson
Shelley Hanson
February 17, 2023
I went to this store with the intention of purchasing a new queen mattress for my daughter. Maureen was very helpful and made sure we found the best thing for her. She made sure my daughter was comfortable with the mattress she was choosing, we ended up leaving the store with that mattress. I ended up purchasing a new king mattress and adjustable base for myself. The no pressure sales made me want to buy more. I was told the adjustable base would be delivered in about 2 weeks. It was less than a week for me to get it, then while arranging delivery of the king mattress, the delivery guy was so accommodating for the delivery. I would recommend this store to anyone! Great quality and amazing service all around. Plus, they have a financing option with very little down if you need it.
November 19, 2022
Great customer service !! Great price for a good quality mattress ! Love this place! Go and buy your mattress here and no where else.
Darwyn Jacobs
Darwyn Jacobs
November 19, 2022
I bought a king size mattress and it was the best mattress I have ever owned so soft, and there was no pressure from the sales associate just lay down in the bed and see what you liked.
Michelle Ball
Michelle Ball
June 24, 2022
I was in need of a new mattress but dealing with a limited budget. I was able to find and purchase a much better mattress than I had hoped and the customer service was exceptional.
Haleigh Kuchera
Haleigh Kuchera
June 19, 2022
Paul and Maureen were fantastic to work with. My partner and I are very happy with our cool phase hybrid. Finally we sleep though the night and wake up without any pain and feeling refreshed. Highly recommend!
Tammy Peerenboom
Tammy Peerenboom
June 19, 2022
Awesome DropBox Mattress store and service
Joan Mayen
Joan Mayen
June 19, 2022
Great customer service and quality merchandise, we are so happy with our purchase. We highly recommend this business!!
Molly Cashman
Molly Cashman
June 19, 2022
I found a great mattress at an awesome price at BoxDrop Mattress. The staff were so friendly and helpful. Highly recommend them. Can’t wait to sleep!
samuel verdeja
samuel verdeja
June 19, 2022
Amazing customer service and all around experience. Will come back.

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